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We’re at it again! Tinkering with blogs really is something we enjoy so much. We were recently called by Anne from Anneversation. She had had her blog moved from blogger to a self hosted WordPress site. The designer had laid out her blog and then, off he had gone. The problem was that when she logged in to post she saw there were plugins that needed updating and she updated them! Oh Dear!

The moment she finished updating the entire layout of her blog was higgidly piggidly. When she phoned the designer he insisted she fiddled with his custom code of the plugins and now she would need to pay to fix it – or wait for him when he had time. Of course Anne contacted us straight away and we went in, giving the blog a complete overhaul with a great new theme and also not custom coding plugins – so she can update to her heart’s content. What do you think of the final Anneversation layout?


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