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Born Geek Blog Design

Born Geek Blog Design

I’m always a bit concerned doing blog designs for friends. When Zoe approached Words to do hers I was tempted to hand it over to other web designer here at Words. Zoe wanted to set up a mommy blog but she wanted it to be a little different. As a girl geek Zoe wanted the blog to reflect her unique […]

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A little something something we've been building. What do you think?

An example of some video production for you (also good for a giggle!)…

We've been working on a little something something. Watch this space!

Twitter Media

#TBT to this advert we created for Zofka's Farriers​ What do you think?

Twitter Media

So incredibly proud of this website we built for Premier Equestrian Supplies - South Africa:

aaaah if only!…